Digital EFFECT is looking for a Social Media Manager

Our team is seeking for a passionate social media manager to join us in our digital adventures!

Are you a caring account manager that wakes up with social media and web content ideas? Are you a team player?

How many hours do you spend on instagram per day? Insta post or Story? Have you counted the number of YouTube videos you watch within a week? (How) do you think you will beat Facebook algorithms so that your awesome organic content hits the feeds? Do you like candy? If you have answers for all the above, plus 3 years agency or in-house experience in a relevant position, plus fluency in English, plus you are a fun and happy person, plus creative, plus down to earth, plus….

If you relate to this job description we will sure be happy to receive your CV!


Digital EFFECT offers its team members ongoing training and cutting edge knowledge. We provide the necessary tools that motivate & help our team expand their capabilities.

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